Hi Brian,

I put "Cheers to Man's Best Friend" in its place this weekend.

In my office where I can look at it everyday. I love it!



Dear Brian,

We decided to hang the inner-twin painting in our bedroom, so we painted the room light blue to match it and got a floor length mirror across the room so that we can see it when you walk into the bedroom. We've attaching a few pictures to share with you! There are still more decorating to do around the house, but it has been so special to have this painting in a place that we finally call home 🙂
I hope all has been well with you, and hope to visit you again in Savannah one day when we go back.

Truly yours,

Helen & Henry

Helen & Henry,

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So honored to finally have this beautiful work by Brian MacGregor called "Spiral Round Rose, Fire" on my living room wall in my very first house. It was the first thing we hung up. It's just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again, Brian, for just being awesome.



(Art for the Big River Film Festival)

Brian- I absolutely love the painting. I am so blown away by your talent. This turned our way better than I could have dreamed. So impressed!!!