Dream Meditation Series

  • Grand River Meditation

    Grand River Meditation

    “Grand River Bridge” 28x22, the text is in her words of her Meditation Vision and the image is a direct…

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  • Underwater Meditation

    Underwater Meditation

    "Underwater Meditation" 30" x 30" oil over dream pages. This is a direct illustration of my collector's recurring dream of…

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  • Meditation Dream Bridge

    Meditation Dream Bridge

    “Meditation Dream Bridge” 30 x 40   SOLD   Buy a Print in my store.       If you'd like to…

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  • Golden Hand of God

    Golden Hand of God

    “Golden Hand of God” 30 x 24 SOLD     If you'd like to commission a similar painting, write me…

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  • Meditation Dream Gate

    Meditation Dream Gate

    “Meditation Dream Gate” 18x24.  SOLD     If you'd like to commission this painting, write me a message.

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  • Leaf Meditation

    Leaf Meditation

    Blue Leaf Meditation $3,200.00 This mixed media oil painting is on wood with a build in 38×36 inch in size,…

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