How to Commission a Painting

How to Commission a Painting:


How long is the Process?

Generally it takes about two to three months. This depends on my project schedule and the difficulty of the project.  I will contact you monthly or as needed with visuals to show you the process at each step from the basic drawing, to the finished drawing, to a color study, and the final painting and building of the frame.


Imagery for the Painting?

The image for your commissioned painting can be inspired by a previous painting of mine you've seen on this site or in my gallery or maybe a photo you've taken in your travels or something from your imagination that you've always wanted painted. Only our imagination's are the limit. 


Text in the Art?

In my fine artwork I use hundreds of other peoples dreams to represent the Collective Unconscious. I can continue this style in your commissioned piece or if you like I could simply use oil paint with no writings.  

We can also collaborate and use your own personal writings and or those of your families in the background.  I once created a portrait of a musician, over top his own hand written music sheets within the background.

 Here is more about the dream concept behind my art.  


What size should it be?

For commissions the size can be very flexible and it depends on the detail of the imagery and story you want to convey.


 My most popular canvas sizes and frames are the (18x24, 22x28, 24x30 with a Mixed Frame).

Wood panel:

I can custom build these to any size we want.


Frame Options:        

  1. No Frame: (Gallery Wrap Style, thick 1.5 inch sides painted black) (no extra cost)
  2. Shadow Box Frame:  (A simple wood box around the art with a half inch gap between the painting the the frame.)
  3. Mixed Frames:  (one of a kind sculptural pieces made by me using hundreds of different frames, utilizing the art work's composition as a guide. 

Visual Examples.  (My standard Mixed Frames add 3.5 inches to the sides of the paintings or 7 inches total to the canvas size. I can also do a 2.5 inch thiner Mixed Frame if that is better suited for the image)



You can either pay in full, or start with a down payment.  Then either pay layaway payments on this site, or I'll send you a PayPal invoice once a month until the painting is both finished and paid off.  Pricing for commissions.



I use the UPS store and the USPS for shipping all over the country and around the world.  I have been shipping artwork for over 15 years so, that part is easily taken care of when the artwork is ready to ship. 

(I use a "UPS shipping form" for commissions so that way UPS will charge your credit card directly instead of having the extra step of going through my gallery or having to pay me back.)



I pride myself on being easy to work with. So please, feel free to email me or give me a call about any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you. 


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