Hi Brian

Thank you!
I have the perfect place picked out for the painting. Everyone I have showed it to absolutely loves it. I'm very excited to get it hung up. I will definitely send you a picture once it's up.

Next time I come through Savannah I will stop in and say hello.



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We purchased this painting from our favorite artist in Savannah!!!! Brian MacGregor, you out did yourself with this one. Thank you for including Gerry's dream, "Antecapio" in this masterpiece. Hopefully, the creative good kharma will make his dream come true! This should wind up in a museum but we will selfishly not part with this for generations to come! Bravo my friend, Bravo!



Good Evening Brian,

I received the painting, and it's more evocative than the photo could have captured.  I'm thrilled at how it turned out, and will send you a photo as soon as I get it hung; still debating placement.  And, thank you for including the magazine.

I really appreciate you recreating this.  It has stayed with me for years, and now I can appreciate it every day in my space.



Hi Brian,

I put "Cheers to Man's Best Friend" in its place this weekend.

In my office where I can look at it everyday. I love it!